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Hard hats applications
      1, glass fiber reinforced plastic helmet: it is mainly used for high temperature metallurgical workplaces, oil field drilling of deforestation, power lines, high-rise building construction and cold areas.
      2, polycarbonate plastic safety helmet: mainly used in oil field drilling, deforestation, power lines, the construction and use.
      3, ABS plastic safety helmet: mainly used in mining, industrial machinery, such as impact strength in the workplaces where high room temperature.
      4, ultra-high molecular polyethylene plastic safety helmet: the applicable scope wide, such as metallurgical chemical, mining, construction, machinery, electric power, transportation, forestry and the geological work of the type of work all can use.
      5, modified polypropylene plastic safety helmet: mainly used in metallurgy, construction, forest, electric power, mining, inoue, transportation and other assignments of the type of work.
      6, miners safety helmet, tape: mainly used in coal mine, mine, tunnel, culvert etc. Jaw with wear, do not set.
      7, plastic miners safety helmet: product performance in addition to the high temperature is greater than the colloid miners cap, other performance and glial miners cap basic same.
      8, protective helmet: suitable cold areas in our country winter field and outdoor workers use, such as mining, geological drilling and cutting of forestry, construction and port handling etc.
      9, paper plastic safety helmet: suitable for outdoor work, solar radiation, wind and rain.
      10. Bamboo weaving helmet: mainly used in metallurgy, construction, forestry, mining, port, transportation, operation of the type of work.
      11,. Other woven helmet: suitable for hot south area and the halogen-light workplaces.
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