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The pressure on the principle of safety helmet
      Safety helmet can withstand the pressure mainly is to use the three principles:
      Buffer shock absorption function: hat shell and cap lining between periods of 25 to 50 mm and when objects combat helmet, cap shell don't directly affect on due to stress deformation.
      2. Disperse stress: cap for elliptic or hemispherical shell, smooth surface, when falling objects on the cap shell, an object cannot stay down immediately; And cap shell hit points on the force to pass around, by cap line buffer force can reach more than two thirds of the rest of the force by the cap lining whole area passed to a person's skull, thus the focus becomes a focus on the surface, so as to avoid the impact of stress concentration at some point in the cap on the shell, reducing the force per unit area.
      3. The biomechanics: national standard stipulated in the helmet must be able to absorb 4900 n. This is because the biology experiment, the human body of the maximum limit of cervical spine in force, more than the limit value of cervical vertebra will be hurt, light person cause paralysis, the person that weigh life threatening.
      Some low-quality low-cost helmet sound does not play a protective role. On the choice of materials, the design of the lining of basic could not reach the requirements of national standard, received a shock, do not produce deformation in time, disperse stress. If you choose these products, once you have an accident at work, will bring a great harm to the user's head, light person concussion, the person that weigh life threatening.
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